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Updated: Jul 18, 2023

Renowned British artist Christopher Cant recently sat down with host Jordan Romeo for the latest episode of Chroma Connection. The podcast was released on March 10, 2023—video at the bottom. During the episode, Christopher Cant shared his journey as an artist, from studying computer science to becoming a successful self-employed artist. He also discussed his creative process and techniques for creating digital art, which often features knights, medieval history, and fantasy elements. Feedback from artists and non-artists about the ordeal that we put him through is that, and I quote, “WTF? I want to know more“. I think it’s a quite unknown to the artist how interesting his story can be, but his charisma was reflected as the feedback shows.

Cant is best known for his intricate and vibrant digital illustrations inspired by medieval history, fantasy, and mythology. He did his best to break down his career so far as we talked about things that people who’ve watched his career even knew about him. His most notable project, "The Nidean Legacy," is a grand world-building and art exercise showcasing his fantasy art skills. The series featured illustrations and descriptions of a fictional world, including its creatures, characters, and landscapes. While Cant himself had to set aside the project, it’s clear it meant a lot to him and others who all expressed their awe of his talent. Tho we feel we may need to temper his ego, if he takes that strongly by remembering it ended. In recent years, Cant has become known for his Twitch streaming, where he shares his digital art creation process in real-time. He has also written articles on art-related topics, maintained a blog on his website ,, and is building others. Cant is also an art educator who offers courses and tips for self-employed artists through sites like & He teaches digital painting classes on Skillshare and has over 600 students. Which have their own great reviews. His teaching style has been described by one of his students as “Fuck you, If I can do it so can you” which they say helped them get over their fears.

<- FALL OF CAMELOT Cant's most recent project is "The Fall of Camelot," which explores the tragic events that led to the downfall of King Arthur's realm. The project is a culmination of all his previous works and experiences, showcasing his growth as an artist.

Throughout the episode, Cant provides valuable advice for aspiring artists just starting out. His dedication to his craft and passion for sharing his knowledge and helping others has made him a beloved figure in the art community. His online courses and tutorials have helped countless aspiring artists to develop their skills and build successful careers in the industry. Listeners can tune into Chroma Connection below to learn more.

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