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VR Worlds


We've made a few VR worlds to test and build out cool ideas. Please feel free to visit; no headset is required! Just install VRchat and click the link to follow it there! See you around =]

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      Virtual space dedicated to showcasing Christopher Cant's mesmerizing and fantastical digital paintings․ christophercant․com Explore his artistic creations as you journey through this gallery‚ where you'll find a stunning collection of his works‚ all carefully curated to provide a captivating and engaging experience․ Stroll through the different rooms and areas of the gallery‚ for you to discover the depth and breadth of Christopher Cant's incredible talent․

Lobby or First floor of the SGXR VR building․ Take the "Elevator to visit more worlds"․ It is ment to act as a meeting place and a Hub that will expand overtime․


The SG Theater is a virtual environment for live performances and other forms of entertainment․ It includes a stage and seating area‚ and allows users to experience events in a immersive and interactive way․ The SG Theater can host a variety of events‚ including plays‚ concerts‚ stand-up comedy‚ and more․ 

Star Wars Lemonade Stand becuase why not․

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